CAFO Executive Summary

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Executive Summary:

Local Control is an obstacle to US WTO commitments

It increasingly appears that the leading agricultural state, Iowa, has been carved out as the industrial park of global trade.  Facilitated under the tenure of Senator Grassley and Governor Vilsack/Patty Judge, the goal of Monsanto’s early ‘90s “Acreage Conversion Plan” has been met in Iowa as it regards GMO soybeans and corn. Presently Iowa boasts a 90% conversion to GMO soybeans and a leap in GMO corn production due to the ethanol frenzy.  The corn lobbyists, (aka ethanol lobbyists), Farm Bureau (front for Biotech) has put the “fait du compleat” on what had been a slower pace for corn conversion.

What goes unnoticed is that currently the Biotech forces are unrolling their “livestock conversion plan”.  Its goal is to genetically engineer animals, claiming exclusive corporate ownership of hog breeds under patent and trademark law as they did for grains: (see below for patent information).

The Steps:

1)       First, without notice or connection to biotech, rapidly increase the siting and building of large scale Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in the leading agricultural state, Iowa,  currently housing traditional natural hogs prior to disclosing the GMO livestock conversion plan

2)       Concomitantly quietly secure the international patents on genetically manipulated animals

3)       Simultaneously, install biotech Andrew Von Eschenbach as the head of FDA, to facilitate the approval of cloned meat and milk from cloned cows, unlabeled at the consumer level. (This follows the same pattern as the approval of GMO grains and produce under FDA director Dr. Kessler and assistant director Mike Taylor, attorney with Spalding and King, Monsanto’s law firm in the early 90s).

4)       Approval of cloned meat and milk from cloned cows as the foundation and precursor to the approval of genetically engineered animals.

5)       Pass the National Food Uniformity labeling Act 2006,

6)       GMO labeling bill draft in place appears to be written by Biotech industry introduced and sponsored by Senator Dick Durbin, now majority whip.  This bill introduces the concept of “Split Foods” defined as genetically engineered animals destined for human and animal consumption, unlabeled at the consumer level.

7)       National Animal Identification System (NAIS) a “voluntary” protocol suggested by the USDA is rolling through the nation as legislation mandating its implementation.  All farm animals, including llamas, horses, etc must be tagged and/or identified with a RFID chip.  The exclusion to this regulation are CAFOs who only need one tag per barn.

8)       Put State legislators in harmony with national intention through organization like Washington based American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC…see ALEC

9)       Use Governor channels to communicate national intention to the legislators, for example:  It is on record that Governor Vilsack worked closely, very pro-actively with Rep. Sandy Greiner to take away local control of agricultural seed.

Next step coming down the pike

10)   Introduce a specialized gene into the clone; patent the breed. Result: Genetically engineered, corporate owned animals… GMO livestock, unlabeled.

11)   Assuming that Smithfield is already working closely under Monsanto’s animal patents, as they did with Pioneer Hybrid,  begin to introduce GMO hog breeds as the standard product in CAFOs following the same strategy as the acreage conversion plan with one major exception.

12)   Have Smithfield begin to open up CAFOs in Europe to facilitate acceptance of GMO animals from inside the European Union by establishing European financial interest

Iowa Legislature 2007

13)   Although Gov. Culver ran on the local control issue, the legislators are not expected to put him to the test by providing him a bill to sign.  That understanding appears to have been long in the making.

14)   However, if Governor Culver chose to be pro-active, he might have the authority to declare a moratorium on the building of CAFOs until the technology is in place to deal with the toxic swine sludge (TSS) which is languaged as “manure”. 

15)   Presently the wastes from pigs on ex-lax are spread on farmland across the state. 

16)   Governor Culver is on record with ICCI as making the statement that he supports CAFOs when and if they have the technology to deal with wastes in place.

17)   Governor intervention, as a precautionary principle, can be supported by the negative University of Iowa Health report regarding CAFOs.

18)   Although humans are expected to have proper waste management systems, CAFOs, surprisingly, are not.

The reason the legislators are not in favor of local control or any other major change is that the Biotech Industry and US government is behind controlling States across the nation to lock step with national intention and WTO/CODEX commitments.

Background of the National Coalition of Organized Women’s involvement in agriculture

Founded in Iowa, The National Coalition of Organized Women first blew the whistle on the genetic manipulation and corporate ownership of grains and seeds in the early 90s.  NCOW was a significant force in staving off the inclusion of GMO in the Organic standards.  Currently Biotech forces are seeking to approve cloned meats and milk from cloned cows under the organic standards.

Monsanto’s Acreage Conversion Plan ‘90s  

When NCOW first got started in the early 90s there was virtually no commercial land planted in GMO soybeans, but within this decade, Iowa has reached a 90% level in farms planted in GMO soybeans.  This was accomplished following Monsanto’s “Acreage Conversion Plan”, which NCOW found circulating around the Security and Exchange commission.  This document drafted by Monsanto was circulated to portfolio managers to pique their interest in the newly burgeoning Biotech sector.

Monsanto Dual Marketing Plan Force Farmers to Use GMO Seeds

The goal to convert conventional soybeans into GMO soybeans was facilitated by a dual marketing program whereas Monsanto “upgraded” its Round Up herbicide  to kill anything but GMO soybeans, thereby forcing farmers who wished to use the upgraded Round Up to buy the GMO companion seed.

Ethanol:  Monsanto, DuPont, the Big Winners

Although Monsanto, with the help of Iowa loans, bought up traditional corn seed companies to prevent competition, the corn acreage conversion plan had not met its target acreage conversion until recently with the advent of corn based ethanol.  The big winner today in regards to ethanol is Monsanto and brother DuPont, who owns Pioneer Hybrid.  In the early day Pioneer Hybrid was working closely under Monsanto’s patents.  Today, in order to avert a trade monopoly issue, DuPont, for example, took over Pioneer, illusorily positioning Monsanto and DuPont in the media as arch competitors.

US Government Helps Biotech by Preventing Labeling of GMO

Papers from an agricultural committee hearing in the US Congress document that Biotech companies such as DuPont, Monsanto, etc thanked the members of Congress for not labeling GMO grains despite heavy European objection.  At the time, it appeared to NCOW that the US government was working with these companies to facilitate a world conversion and US corporation ownership of the entire world food supply.

US. Government Recently Found to Have Shared Patents on GMO Technology

It wasn’t until a month ago that NCOW found out that the US government shares a patent on GMO technology and was working on the GMO terminator technology as early as 1983 (see below).

Patent Information:

In 1983, Delta & Pine Land (D&PL) joined with the US Department of Agriculture in a project to develop Terminator seeds. It was one of the earliest experiments with GMO. It was a long-term project. The US Government has been serious about Terminator beginning more than two decades ago.

In March 1998 the US Patent Office granted Patent No. 5,723,765 to Delta & Pine Land for a patent titled, Control of Plant Gene Expression. The patent is owned jointly, according to Delta & Pine’s Security & Exchange Commission 10K filing, ‘by D&PL and the United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture.’

Monsanto currently has a number of patents pending on Hogs

The patents are based on simple procedures, but are incredibly broad in their claims.

In one application (WO 2005/015989 ) Monsanto is describing very general methods of crossbreeding and selection, using artificial insemination and other breeding methods which are already in use.  Monsanto isn't just seeking a patent for the method; they are seeking a patent on the actual pigs which are bred from this method.  It's an astoundingly broad and dangerous claim."

Take patent application WO 2005/017204. This refers to pigs in which a certain gene sequence related to faster growth is detected. This is a variation on a natural occurring sequence -- Monsanto didn't invent it.

(Research by Brian Thomas Fitzgerald)

                                  Most Asked Questions

“What does cloning and the labeling of cloned meats and milk from cows have to do with CAFOs?

The FDA approval of cloned meats and milk from cloned cows, unlabeled at the consumer level, provides the basis for a seamless finale to US and Corporate ownership of the world food supply including but not limited to grains, produce, seeds, yeasts, fungus, enzymes, drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements and now livestock and animal-derived foods for feed and human consumption, all unlabeled at the consumer level.

How does ethanol fit into the plan?

Biotech is the big winner here with GMO corn, GMO Klebsiella bacteria used for ethanol production, GMO corn for feed for burgeoning CAFOs including feed for GMO dairy cow CAFOs.

What do cloned dairy cows have to do with ethanol?”

Lobbyists from Washington DC are chewing on ideas for “industrial parks” for ethanol plants which would center around the ethanol plant and it’s by product, distiller’s grain. The circle goes as such:  The waste product of the ethanol production (distiller’s grain) would feed the large dairy cattle CAFOs (which will be increasing cloned and genetically engineered breeds) located along side the ethanol facility.  The dairy cows would supply liquid excrement to methane digesters located along side the dairy cows (who are stacked up head to tail in cement confinements). The fuel derived from the methane digester would then fuel the ethanol plants.  And of course, this being Iowa, GMO corn fields would surround the whole of the industrial park.

Unfortunately ethanol cannot be piped like oil.  It must be shipped by railroad, thereby increasing the train traffic in small  towns across Iowa.  And most unfortunately for our nation’s children, the milk derived from the dairy cows that eat distiller’s grain is partial and inadequate.  It is to be noted that distiller’s grain was banned as feed for dairy cows in the late 1800s as it produced “swill or slop” milk, milk considered unfit for human consumption.  Although the industry claims that they have improved the technology to remove residual alcohol from the grain, independent scientists are skeptical and demand more safety studies.

Will Iowa farmers reap the benefit of surrendering a bucolic and pristine Iowa as the Industrial Park of Global trade, including pork for the Asian market?

In order for Biotech to get off the ground, support had to start in the United States with promises of monies reaped from global trade of biotech grains (and now livestock). However, these promises are being subverted by these transnational corporations, US government and CODEX by their movement in foreign countries.  Currently, because of non labeling, there are over a billion acres of genetically engineered crops planted in foreign countries.  Smithfield is currently establishing CAFOs in Albania and Poland so as to establish financial investment and support for GMO livestock within European borders.

“What can we do about it?”

Labeling cloned meat and milk from cloned cows, in my opinion, would be the single most effective way to interrupt the expansion of CAFOs and Monsanto’s livestock conversion plan.  It would force the biotech forces to look to another state.  If this Biotech infusion is allowed to continue, Iowa will be the Industrial Park of Global Trade, with Ethanol Plants, Dairy CAFOs, Hog CAFOs, GMO crops and little room in the Iowa countryside for human habitation.

Request that the present 2007 Iowa legislature draft a bill to label cloned meat and milk from cloned cows following the lead of Senator Carol Migden’s model bill coming out of California. Time sensitive:  It is to be noted that request for bill titles will not be considered after Friday, February 16th


Legitimate, well respected journalists and recognized intellectuals regularly discuss the “End Times”. Members of the US Congress pass laws daily concerning pending plagues; laws outlining protocol for mass mandated inoculations for civilian population with non-liability clauses for corporation using untested vaccines; government financed detainment/confinement facilities. It is reported in the media that some of the most powerful and esteemed political circles in our nation’s Capitol have lively discussion over facilitating end times so that Jesus can return.  Jehovah Witnesses, biblical scholars, Jewish and Christian Zionists, the apocalyptic branch of virtually all present day religions,  the new age, vegetarian spiritualist and news personnel enact scenes that bestow credibility on V is for Vendetta ,the movie (one of my absolute favorites…I highly recommend it). Surely the genetic engineering of livestock is a sign of the times and logically, if not practically, heralds the coming plagues.  In my opinion as the former director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, the genetic engineering of animals is the last straw and truly a low point in this planet’s history… ABOMINATION is an appropriate word.

A Message from the Masters

Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of one of the world’s most enlightened education systems, the Waldorf Schools, the founder of Biodynamic Agriculture and a world recognized Christian mystic stated in and around 1918 the following…and I paraphrase:  “There will come a time when a technology will develop in the world that would appear beneficial in the medical field, but that it was a dangerous technology.  At the same time s sexual disease would appear that would come through the blood (AIDS?) that would preclude the concept of “brotherhood”.  At that time “safe islands” would arise…that is…communities based around biodynamic/organic agriculture” 

When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law." ~ Frederic Bastiat - (1801-1850) French economist, statesman, and author.
Source: The Law, by Frederic Bastiat, 1850


His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the world recognized Transcendental Meditation movement and founder of the Global Country of World Peace stated, in the mid ‘90s, as it concerned the technology of genetic engineering:  “Tell those who eat genetically engineered foods that their lives will be severely shortened.  So tell them to meditate and study the Veda with the little time they have left on the planet.”

Warmest regards,

Eileen Dannemann, former director, National Coalition of Organized Women

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