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Image of Eileen Dannemann Letter to parents from Eileen Dannemann,  
co-founder of Progressive Convergence:
A warning to concerned and confused parents:  
Shoot ‘em up with Mercury and dumb them down with paxil, prozac,
loft &Ritalin.

Dear parents:

Many pediatricians tell their patients that Thimerasol has been removed from all vaccines. They are mistaken. There are indeed some mercury-free vaccines.  Mercury has only been “reduced” in many of the vaccines to "trace" amounts.  However, no amount of mercury has been shown to be safe:  Current mercury status www.fda.gov/cber/vaccine/thimerosal.htm  The Flu shot has high levels of mercury.

Download physician’s waiver http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/revised-mercury-free-drugs-act2005.htm and do not give your child a vaccine until the waiver is signed:

A myriad Flu protection acts and Bioshield bills currently in Congress seek to provide taxpayer funds to help build new vaccine facilities for the vaccine manufacturer.  Taxpayers must not fund the building of new vaccine facilities without tying the funds to higher vaccine standards, which would be, in this case, the complete removal of mercury from the vaccine manufacturing process.  The current Weldon bill HR 881 unfortunately:

  1.  leaves mercury in the manufacturing process

  2. Does not take into account that its "reduction technique" using mercury, dumps the residue into the environment

  3. does not apply to all drugs and amalgams

  4. Does not demand FDA/CDC proof of safety.  According to independent, non industry researchers, mercury has not been proven safe at any levels, including trace. The use of mercury in vaccines, drugs and amalgams is antiquated, outdated, and harmful and has been an atrocious mistake.

Demand authentic Mercury-Free Drugs legislation: See draft:  http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/revised-mercury-free-drugs-act2005.htm 

Congressional Action: Please call Physician and Congressman Ron Paul and Physician and Senator Tom Coburn to introduce this authentic bill, the Mercury-free drugs Act 2005 that takes mercury out of vaccines, all drugs and amalgams and is safe for the environment.

Warmest regards,

Eileen Dannemann,


PS.  Independent researchers are showing that the inability to focus, cope, and personality disorders are also linked to the vaccines.  http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/new-study-mercury-vaccines.htm

The use of paxil, prozac, zoloft, ritalin that are now implicated in suicides and homicides has been the result of vast misdiagnosis and lock-step standard of medical care protocol.  Millions of children are now on these psychotropic medicines from as young as one year old.  Recognizing that mercury may be the source culprit mercury may be chelated out of the brain instead of taking harmful medications that lead to more medication and a depressed life.  Other helpful web links are found at the end of the executive summary http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/mercury-related-links.htm ;  
See 5 minute video:  http://www.virtustate.com/stories/storyReader$1352   

Action Congress:  A bill has been passed in Congress that is funding Mental Screening for all American Children. It will model in Illinois.   This will result in more children being wrongly diagnosed as mentally ill and steered towards harmful suicidal and anti-depressant medication, stigmatized labeling, and a long medical history accessed without privacy that will preclude adult healthcare insurance.  However with a 20 million dollar budget the New Freedom Commission will convince parents that it is a good thing, when it is actually a Pharmaceutical marketing coup:  marketing at its best in the public schools.  Protect your children’s sanity and privacy:

Say NO to Mental Screening in Public Schools.  

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