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     Biological warfare is not solely the use of biological agents to destroy the enemy. In the age of nuclear and biological warfare, the United States has redefined the concept of "conventional war." The United States has engaged the world since 1991 in conventional nuclear warfare initiating the use of radioactive ammunition with a 4.5 billion year half life. The results are worse than Chernobyl.

     The humiliations perpetrated by our American soldiers in Iraq pale in scope when compared to the atrocities of biological and chemical warfare perpetrated by our leaders.

Eileen Dannemann,
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women
917 804-0786

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ANTHRAX Postcard:  The emergency use authorization provision of the Bioshield Bill takes away military and civilian right to dissent from being forced to take vaccines and drugs:

Please note:  This initiative is “issue” related and is within the parameters of tax exempt organization.

Strategy:  Purchase bundles of ANTHRAX  postcard.  Distribute in your community, so that your representatives are getting the postcard from all over the nation. Health food stores, military towns) and the Farming communities are your focus.  We have a film “Direct Order” see trailer for purchase to be played in Libraries.  We suggest you purchase bundles of Postcards and the movie and descend on your community making the point that the Bioshield bill covers “civilians” too.

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