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What is TeenScreen?
TeenScreen is a mental illness screening program developed by Columbia University Children’s Psychiatric Center. The National Advisors are primarily made up of consultants from the drug industry ( ) marketing drugs through public schools.
In the case of the Urbandale school, the school board, led by the advocacy of Greg Robinson, School Superintendent, has endorsed, without adequate parental or community input, implementation of the TeenScreen program. However, TeenScreen cannot implement the program without parental consent.
What can parents do?
Parents would do well to monitor the school closely. Above all, learn the facts. Brief diagnostic instruments, especially broad screenings, are not well validated. With any type
of government intrusiveness, there is a risk of harm, not only in terms of stigmatization, misdiagnoses and medications but as it regards interventions… the nightmare of social services having the authority to intrude into the family. TeenScreen results as much as... read more details>> [PDF 66 KB] Get  Adobe Reader

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