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Progressive Convergence
A New Vision for America, a New Vision for The World

Executive Summary:

    Progressive Convergence uses internet community technology to bring the best of our leaders together with citizens in a collaborative platform creation project. Featuring the published opinions of such progressive visionaries as Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Barbara Lee, Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky, Ron Paul and others, the website will ultimately synthesize the information and reflect the most ideal progressive platform to date.  And it will keep on changing.

      The process is similar to the “electronic town hall” concept that has been tossed around by independent political candidates for years. The essence of it is to increase actual citizen involvement in the policy process. Recognizing that very few people actually construct and implement formal legislation but do have thoughtful and articulate ideas, Progressive Convergence will enable anyone to submit paragraphs, comments, questions and if desired, complete legislation for review.

      If they so wish, each contributor will receive a credit line, and contact information. In addition we will create a Progressive Convergence Chat room.

Once the website is ready, we will contact our notable visionaries giving them the opportunity to refine, edit or comment on what we have presented to the public as their historical point of view.  At this juncture, they will have the opportunity to read comments, entertain new ideas, and make changes to their own work as they evolve in their own thinking and policies.

      There will be many opportunities for registered voters of the site to vote (instant runoff where multiple options are available) on policy submissions and/or candidates.  The results will be the ever changing best of the best… a unified and consistent, yet flexible, Progress platform, as ideal as we can come up with:  the Progressive Convergence Platform, the end result of a democratic process in miniature.

     Since these great visionaries and leaders are very busy, yet well published, in this initial stage, we reach out to you to recommend to us your most favorite and progressive visionary.  We ask you to digest, edit and synthesis their published works and place them into a format that we have designed and provided for you. We will then post their photo and their policies.  Have fun expressing the points of view of those you adore and admire.  Let us hear from you soon.  And remember they don’t have to be famous or even alive… just brilliant!

For more information or to help us build this site, contact us