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 From the desk of the director:

                              The Educational Crisis 2008 - 2014 and the CDC Cover-up

             Why does this generation appear to be mentally ill…so much so that the government proposes to screen all American children for mental illness?   Here is why:

 For last 20 years the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who oversee the mandated children's vaccine program has been injecting our children with high levels of mercury (Thimerosal) in as much as 15 vaccines between the ages of 12 hours and 2 years old. Although the government advises us not to eat fish with mercury we are asked to stand by while health professionals inject it directly into our children's arms. The CDC will not admit that injecting the entire generation with mercury directly into the bloodstream is a problem. 

This has caused untold damage to the entire generation; ADD, ADHD, Autism, inability to focus, to cope, personality disorders, depression.  Although the CDC will not admit their culpability for fear of legal action, they are currently reducing mercury out of vaccines.  But as it regards the Teen Screen and New Freedom Commission whose mandate it is to screen every child, every year for mental illness, the purpose of this is to seek out the damaged children and sedate them with medication so that they are manageable.  The CDC understands that the damaged generation will reach crisis between 2008 and 2014.  These children are very aggressive and there is no available money in the educational budgets for special education to handle a situation of this kind, so the answer is to seek out the damaged ones, sedate and medicate them until the statistics go due to the reduction of mercury in the vaccines.

             However, if the CDC were to admit to the real problem, concerned parents would be advised to check out the possible mercury cause of their children's apparent personality and mental dysfunction and chelate the heavy metal out of their brains. And importantly the National Institute of Health might issue grants to inspire the cutting edge scientists of our generation to deal with this problem and find a remedy.  Unfortunately, as the CDC hides the problem, our children will be damaged even further with the current protocol of suicidal and degenerating drugs...all just to cover-up their own institutional malfeasance.

Instead this damaged generation will be put on the current psychiatric drugs such a as Ritalin, Adderall, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Zyprexa, Luvox.  Many of these drugs are linked to suicide and homicide and are extremely degenerative and potentially dangerous.  Currently many of these drugs are the focus of national lawsuits.  Zyprexa, for example can cause hyperglycemia/diabetes in as little as one week’s time.  Chris Pittman, age 12, was on Zoloft when he killed his grandparents and burned down their house.  Eric Harris of the Columbine school massacre was on Luvox. Leslie Demeniuk, accused of killing her four-year-old twins had been taking Zoloft and Paxil. Sara Bostock’s daughter stabbed herself twice in the chest with a large chef's knife after taking Paxil for 2 weeks.  (Sleeping in the next room, Sara simply heard a slight yelp and a thump when her daughter fell on the floor). Glenn McIntosh’s 6th grade daughter hung herself with her shoelaces in the school bathroom after being prescribed Paxil/Zoloft. 

If your child is a cultural creative, an out of the box thinker, or has inability to focus or cope, is hyperactive, depressed, he/she may be flagged by Teen Screen.  If your child takes the Teen Screen survey and is marked as questionable, he/she most likely will be put on the mental health screening track towards conventional medication.  Before signing the consent form consider this: According to the New Freedom Commission, these reports will be put on your children's records.  Consider this:  You may find that the labeling of your children by questionable authorities via an academically flawed survey will, in the future, prevent your children's access to reasonable health coverage.   You will have inadvertently condemned your child, at an early age, to a "pre-condition" that will follow him the rest of his life and increase your health insurance premiums while he is under your care.  Our public schools should not be used as a cover-up for the CDC nor as a marketing tool for Big Pharma

—Eileen Dannemann, director NCOW