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Eileen Dannemann's bio and Curriculum Vitae

Director of National Coalition of Organized Women

Why I am an Activist

Eileen Dannemann, born in the Bronx of Irish-Swedish descent, was a particularly spiritual child. Having nowhere to play except the empty lot on the corner, she pretended to “teleport” for fun, up and around, through and over the large rocks she thought of as mountains.  Married in 1973, divorced in 2001, she has three rather grown and emancipated children. She is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since 1973 and has been a world class activist since the early 90s when she founded the National Coalition of Organized Women [ see below ] blowing the whistle on the Genetic Engineering of the nation’s food supply in its incipient stages.

Having been mentored by Ronnie Cummins, director of Organic Consumers and then director of the Pure Food Campaign, she brought the awareness of the unknown science of Biotech and its dangers of genetic manipulation to the National Organic Standards Board members who were immersed at that time in creating the National Organic Standards.  Her mentor Ken Cummins of IFOAM, extended her influence internationally.   From her organizational work, the National Organic Standards stands clean from the approval of genetically engineered organisms which were slated for inclusion in the national standards on a case to case basis.

The National Coalition of Organized Women is considered the grandmother of many of the anti GMO coalitions.  Organizations such as Mother’s for Natural Law spring boarded from her work and under her directorship. The Natural Law Party was the first political party in the nation to include a priority position of sustainability as it regarded GMOs in their platform nationally and internationally within the European Union.

Spending the next few years living in the rainforests of Costa Rica and camping solo throughout Tasmania, New Zealand and Hawaii, she re-emerged in New York to endorse and support Dennis Kucinich, the Ohio Congressman who was engaged in the nomination race for presidency for the Democratic Party.  As an anti war activist, passionate against NAFTA/WTO and an advocate for local control and a principled approach to politics, Eileen Dannemann, director of NCOW endorses, and is fully supportive of the work of Dennis Kucinich in his continuing effort to establish a cabinet level Department of Peace.

In her travels she met Leland Lehrman, an activist par excellence, in New Mexico who was organizing for the Dennis Kucinich campaign and Scott Ritter (expert:  Weapons of Mass Destruction) to name a few. Together they co-founded Progressive Convergence whose mission it is to popularize the progressive and enlightened ideas of prominent and grassroots visionaries, coalescing them into one ideal progressive platform.  Hence, … a new vision for America, a new vision for the world.

During her support of the Kucinich campaign and her travels to Washington, DC she became aware of the misuse of heavy metals; that is, the military use of depleted uranium and the use of mercury in required childhood vaccines.  To date 35,000 Nuclear Postcards on depleted uranium are moving around the United States and are consistently being updated and distributed by dedicated activists in Washington DC.

She developed a campaign to support the Weldon/Maloney bill (The Madhatter’s Bill) that would ban mercury from childhood vaccines but found that the bill was being watered down by the pharmaceutical industry, thus becoming increasingly meaningless.  In response, in order to bring renewed energy to Congressmen Dave Weldon and Dan Burton’s efforts, NCOW has proposed new legislation in Congress, the Mercury-Free Drugs Act 2005 and the Federal Drugs Safety Act, that would replace legislative efforts rendered ineffective by strategic compromise.

While working in Washington on the mercury campaign, she became aware of the issue of psychotropic drugs, such as prozac, paxil, zolot and the complicities of the FDA, CDC and the Pharmaceutical industry. At the same time the Congress passed a bill to screen all America’s children for mental illness.  Ms. Dannemann immediately directed her energies in support of Congressman Ron Paul in his efforts to derail the mental screening bill along with 90 other Congressmen.

National Coalition of Organized Women (and the men who love us)
The National Coalition of Organized Women is a verb, an organizing force, a coalescing energy based on the Unified Field and quantum physics which defines it. NCOW has no matrix, no special tax status, no agenda.  It can not be found because it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.   All activities arise from the “individual”, his/her personal connection to Source and the enlightened spiritual impulses deriving there from.   NCOW is simply “individuals” spending their own time and money as individuals speaking up for progressive change and a new vision for America…and the world.

Ms. Dannemann became aware during the Kucinich campaign, that non-profit status hampered the activity of activists and their organizations as it pertained to top down political action.  Non–profits were unable to “endorse” candidates even though the candidate supported the very issues that they represented.  She found that non-profit organizations were in such fear of losing their tax status that they invariably put more boundaries on their activities than were even required.  As individuals, however no such restrictions pertained, hence… the National Coalition of Organized Women (and the men who love us), a coalescing force of like minded, extremely organized individuals.  

A personal message from Eileen Dannemann:
Let me tell you about the caterpillar and the butterfly…in laymen’s terms.  When the caterpillar reaches the stage of turning into a butterfly (which apparently seems to be rather an entirely different species), it sends out what is referred to as “imaginal cells."

These “imaginal cells” hold  the vision of the butterfly. In the initial phase transition, the caterpillar interprets the imaginals as foreign to its survival.  The caterpillar then sends out a force to destroy the vision – the imaginals.  However, if the vision is maintained, despite the onslaught, the butterfly will emerge.

I urge everyone to hold onto to their highest vision for America that, like the butterfly and the imaginals, the vision will, by and by, establish itself in the collective consciousness of humanity.  Surely, amidst the decadence of the current political and social climate that breeds bushy caterpillars, the transformation is beginning.  As Bill Moyers once said, “The flame of Democracy will never go out as long as there is one candle (flashlight)  in your hand”.

Thank you.  Keep the vision alive and the “flashlight” in your hand.

Love and Light,

Eileen Dannemann


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