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Eileen Dannemann's Curriculum Vitae   << Back to Bio

Director of National Coalition of Organized Women


Educational background and training:

  • B.A., Psychology Hunter College, N.Y.

  • 30 year practitioner of Transcendental Meditation

Legislative and political activities:


  • Divorced, mother of three adult children, age range 20-31.

 Successful Activist and Political Initiatives:

  • National awareness campaign on Genetic Engineering of US Food supply 1992-

    • Safeguarding the Organic label from GMOs on a case to case basis.

    • Influencing the drafting of National Organic Standards as it pertains to GMOs

    • Initiating Motherís for Natural Law and other grass root alliances

  • Initiating the founding of MOM (Maori Organic Movement), New Zealand

  • Local:  Successfully blocking the construction of Incinerator in Eldon, Iowa

  • State:  Instrumental in successful legislative and political activity on behalf of the dove in Iowa

  • State:  Successfully restored the right to dissent as it pertains to religious exemption for vaccines in the House and Senate in the State of Iowa.

  • Endorsement of Kucinich for president.

  • National:  Nuclear Postcard on depleted Uranium initiative

  • Collaborating in the removal Thimerisol (Mercury) in required child vaccines, nationally.

  • Initiating an awareness campaign on WTO/CODEX, food and food supplements.

  • Issues:

    • Campaign against the screening of Americaís children for mental illness, the use and marketing of psychotropic drugs to children.

    • 20 years of injecting mercury into the arms of children under the mandated childhood vaccine protocol.

    • National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Improvements

    • Anthrax vaccine/Gulf war syndrome

    • Bioshield Bill amendments


    • Dept. of Peace

    • Mercury Free Drugs Act 2005 Draft

    • Federal Drug Safety Act 2005 Draft

    • The genetic engineering of livestock/FDA approval and guidelines  (against)
    • FDA approval of cloned meat and milk from cloned cows (against)
    • Buy fresh, buy local
    • Organic/sustainability

Who has sovereignty over the human mind/body.  Does the government have the right to penetrate its boundaries without informed consent or the right to dissent? [ back to top ]



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