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Click here to watch video showing Neuronal degeneration in progress, caused by Mercury.

The mentally deranging element of "mercury" in required childhood vaccines is making our children crazy.

Warning: Do not vaccinate your infant or child without due diligence. The element of mercury has been irrefutably verified as a cause of autism and ADD.

Letter to parents from Eileen Dannemann, co-founder of Progressive Convergence:   A warning to concerned and confused parents:  Shoot ‘em up with Mercury and dumb them down with paxil, prozac, loft & Ritalin. Read more >>

The potential importance of steroids in the treatment of various disorders involving mercury toxicity.


Epidemiological study of the safety of thimerosal-containing vaccines: a follow-up analysis.


Mercury-Free Drugs Act 2005


New study linking mercury in vaccines
with inability to think, focus and cope.


Analysis, Burton Bill, H.R. 1297 NVICP (the Funnel Effect). Updated Aug 2005!!


Comparative Analysis:
Weldon H.R. 881 to Mercury Free Drug Act 2005 (MFDA).


Rapid Degeneration of Neurons in the Presence of Mercury: If you didn't believe that mercury in vaccines is the cause of the epidemic in ADD, Autism, and neurological disturbance of our children you will believe it now... 5 min. video (YouTube):


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