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Dr. Mark & David Geier Research

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  1. U.S. neonate males vaccinated with Hep B -- 3x increased risk of Autism compared to non vaccinated. (PDF 142 K)

  2. Thimerosal exposure in infants and neurodevelopmental disorders: An assessment of computerized medical records in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (PDF 227 K)

  3. Pivotal Study Finds: Elevated Mercury Body-Burden in Autism (PDF 127 K)
    November 5, 2009
    David A Geier, Janet K Kern, Mark A Geier

  4. A Prospective Study of Oxidative Biomarkers in Autistic Disorders (PDF 122 K)
    David A Geier, Janet K Kern, Mark A Geier

  5. Just out from GWU and Georgetown confirming our work on autism and testosterone (PDF 300 K)
    David A. Geier & Mark R. Geier

  6. New paper on Thimerosal toxicity (PDF 698 K)
    Mitochondrial dysfunction, impaired oxidative-reduction activity, degeneration, and death in human neuronal and fetal cells induced by low-level exposure to thimerosal and other metal compounds
    D.A. Geier, P.G. Kingb and M.R. Geier

  7. RotaTeq vaccine adverse events and policy considerations (PDF 728 K)
    David A. Geier, Paul G. King, Lisa K. Sykes, Mark R. Geier

  8. A prospective assessment of androgen levels in patients with autistic spectrum disorders:
    biochemical underpinnings and suggested therapies (PDF 259 K)
    David A. Geier & Mark R. Geier
  9. A Review of Thimerosal (Merthiolate) and its Ethylmercury Breakdown Product: Specific Historical Considerations Regarding Safety and Effectiveness. (PDF 201k)
    David A. Geier; Lisa K. Sykes; Mark R. Geier

  10. A Prospective Study of Mercury Toxicity Biomarkers in Autistic Spectrum Disorders (PDF 359 K)
    Porphyrins are derivatives formed in the heme synthesis pathway and porphyrins afford a measure of xenobiotic exposure.  Porphyrins need to be routinely measured in ASDs to establish if mercury toxicity is a causative factor and to evaluate the effectiveness of chelation therapy.

  11. Neurodevelopmental Disorders After Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines - A Brief Communication
    (PDF 63 K)
    ** VAERS Database
  12. A Comparative Evaluation of the Effects of MMR Immunization and Thimerosal on the Population Prevalence of Autism (PDF 98 K)
    ** US Department of Education - Ecological Study
  13. A Meta-Analysis Study (PDF 173 K)
    ** VAERS Database
  14. A Prospective Study of Rho Immune Globulin as a Risk Factor for Autism1 (PDF 86 K)
    ** Assessment of Autism Clinic Database - Case-Control Study
  15. A Two-Phased Population Epidemiological Study of the Safety of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines
    (PDF 140 K)
    ** VAERS & VSD Databases
  16. An Assessment of Downward Trends Following Thimerosal Removal (PDF 206 K)
    ** VAERS Database - Ecological Study
  17. An Assessment of the Impact of Thimerosal on Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders (PDF 100 K)
    ** VAERS Database
    US Department of Education - Ecological Study
  18. An Evaluation of the Effects of Thimerosal on NDs (PDF 101k)
    ** VAERS Database
  19. Early Downward Trends in NDs Following Removal of Thimerosal (PDF 350 K)
    ** VAERS Database, California Department of Developmental Services, & US Department of Education - Ecological Study
  20. NeuroDevelopmental Disorders Following TCVs - A Follow-up Analysis (PDF 177 K)
    ** VAERS Database
  21. Thimerosal in Childhood Vaccines - Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Heart Disease in the United States (PDF 155 K)
    ** VAERS Database
    US Department of Education - Ecological Study
    VSD Database (review of early Verstraeten documents)
  22. A Case-Control Study of Mercury Burden in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (PDF 223 K)
  23. Porphyrins in Autistic Disorders (PDF 537 K)
  24. A Case-Series of Children with Mercury Toxic Encephalopathies (PDF 153 K)
  25. Published Hormone Research Article 2006 (PDF 136 K)
  26. Published Mercury and Testosterone Medical Hypothesis (PDF 160 K)
  27. Evolving views on the causes of autistic spectrum disorders (PDF 51 K)
  28. Response to Critics (PDF 86 K)
  29. Thimerosal Does Not Belong in Vaccines (PDF 69 K)
  30. Study Misses Link Between Thimerosal and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (PDF 23 K)
  31. Geier and Geier Lancet Published Letter (PDF 76 K)
  32. Parents Fears About Thimerosal (PDF 71 K)
  33. Response to Comments by JR Mann (PDF 35 K)


Eileen Dannemann, former director, National Coalition of Organized Women

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