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Comment:  Physicians are under the impression that Thimerasol has been removed from all childhood vaccines. It is not true. It has been removed "as a preservative" but it is still in vaccines as a "sterilizer."  Mercury is used in the initial production process and then "reduced out."  Mercury cannot be reduced out entirely because it has bound itself to other components.  It therefore leaves a significant amount of mercury in the vaccine.  Please print out the physicians waiver and have your physician sign it. Mercury in any amount does not belong in our bodies.

Medical Excuse Packet:
Print the six items below and bring to your school, school board, daycare, principal, health service agencies, physician, nurse, community meetings -- for their information.

1. Scientific Research Studies
2. Physician's waiver (No Mercury Guarantee) (PDF)
3. Mercury in Vaccination Executive Summary
4. Effect of Mercury on Nerve Cells (Video)

Complete Madhatter's Packet

     Below is the complete, downloadable (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files) full version packet for presentation to legislators, discussion groups and community meetings:


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