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Moms' Tap a Shoulder Campaign
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Mother's Pledge: I will not vaccinate my children with these mentally deranging mercury loaded vaccines! And I pledge to see to it that no one else does either.

We have produced the following card for you to download. You can print it on standard Avery 2" X 3.5" card stock or just plain paper. In any case, after printing the front (page 1), re-insert paper or card stock to print the back (page 2)

If you have problems, email us for help.

View or Download Card [PDF 1,121 K]

Note: if you want professional mercury cards on card stock to distribute at health fairs, at your children's school, to leave at pediatrician and chiropractor's offices, at children's clothing boutiques, we can send you 500 double sided, full color cards including delivery for $20.00. See website or call 917 804-0786.

Campaign mission: To save a life and to eliminate the heartache to the families that the unnecessary use of mercury in vaccines brings. Not one child, not one family need to be added to the list of victims. We cannot wait any longer for the system to unfold in protecting our children. The State of Iowa has banned mercury from infant and childhood vaccines; however, it will not be in effect until January 2006. Until then tap a shoulder. This tragedy can be contained with your love and willingness to tap on the shoulder of a stranger.

Action: Tap a parent on the shoulder and give him/her a card.
Warning! Do not vaccinate your infant or child without due diligence. Mercury (Thimerosal) in required infant and childhood vaccines is implicated in autism, ADD, and ADHD. Visit website: www.progressiveconvergence.com

Please, contact the La Leche league, midwives and PTAs in your hometown and begin to warn all mothers and pregnant women, in the park, in the supermarket, on the streets, in your school, in your church, in your play group to avoid at all costs, these mercury loaded vaccines. Help avoid the life long heartache of a vaccine damaged child. A tap on the shoulder could save a life.

Warmest regards,
Larry Hanus, Campaign Director


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