Chernobyl 20th Anniversary Pictures
The church bells in the Ukraine are ringing in remembrance of Chernobyl..
WARNING! Contains Graphic Pictures!
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If the above video causes you concern, here is an answer. Watch this suppressed video,
"The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste" that provides information on technology
for neutralizing radioactivity.

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     Nuclear war is not solely a mushroom cloud. In the age of nuclear and biological warfare, the United States has redefined the concept of "conventional war." The United States has engaged the world since 1991 in conventional nuclear warfare initiating the use of radioactive ammunition with a 4.5 billion year half life. The results are worse than Chernobyl.

     The humiliations perpetrated by our American soldiers in Iraq pale in scope when compared to the atrocities of conventional nuclear warfare perpetrated by our leaders.

Eileen Dannemann,
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women
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For verification: go to, click images and search "depleted uranium."

Doug Rokke

Helen Caldicott

Thanks to Larry Hanus for the above research

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  "Unwise wars and unenlightened political decisions can weigh heavily on society. It has to own up to its neglect and its atrocity, while at the same time proclaiming its highest values. A society is like an individual. In the face of a dark night it can either become defensive and avoid the challenge of new life, or it can reform itself and discover in the darkness where it has gone wrong".

-- Excerpted from Thomas Moore, Dark Nights of the Soul.


In many countries the top down political system appears to be corrupted. Therefore it is imperative at this time that we awaken the consciousness of the individuals within our own communities.


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