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World Leadership Through Peace

Dennis' Position:
     America will return to its role as the most admired -- not hated -- nation. The doctrine of "pre-emption" will be retired, as will an aggressive, unilateralist foreign policy that makes our homeland less secure, not more. Our security will be enhanced by working with other nations and the U.N. instead of acting like an Empire, arrogantly undermining international agsreements such as the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions, the Small Arms Treaty, the International Criminal Court, and the Kyoto Climate Treaty. As President, Kucinich will work to implement two measures he sponsored in Congress: the Space Preservation Treaty, which bans space-based weapons, and a cabinet-level Department of Peace, to establish non-violence as an organizing principle in both domestic and international affairs.

     A Kucinich administration will cut bloated and unneeded weaponry from a military budget that now almost equals the military spending of all other countries combined. The Kucinich peace dividend will be invested in education, health care, environmental clean-up, urban infrastructure, Social Security, veterans' benefits, and other pressing domestic needs.

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On April 15th, 2004, Leland Lehrman submitted the following comment:

Dennis' platform is by far and away the most coherent, well thought out and complete platform on Leadership through Peace of any American and perhaps World Leader today. However, it will be necessary to do more than just hand over control of Iraq to the UN. Iraq is very suspicious of the UN for its handling of the sanctions and the UN is widely considered a tool of Western Imperialist Foreign Policy. A more respectful policy would be US out, Iraq in. Let the UN handle the security of the transition to elected governments, but under no circumstances should there be any privatization of anything prior to national elections and the creation of a legal system, supported by national referendum, that gives the people a voice in determining the disposition of their assets and rights.

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