Postcard strategy:  Cut and paste this strategy into an email and send around to your lists:

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WTO postcard: FTAA is very much alive in the White House and on Capital Hill.

            Please note:  This initiative is “issue” related and is within the parameters of tax exempt organization.

Strategy:  Purchase bundles of WTO postcard and red magic marker DEFEAT FTAA in the address portion.  Distribute in your community, so that your representatives are getting the postcard from all over the nation. Health food stores (as it relates to CODEX and supplements) and the Farming communities are your focus.

Bundles:  150 Postcards for $20.00 + shipping in flat rate box $7.70 = $27.70 
500 Postcards for $50.00 + shipping in flat rate box $7.70 = $57.70

Pay pal or email order with payment preferences to and we will see how we can accommodate you.


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